co-co-nut-water-s asked: do you make your own backrounds?

No I do not. I have no idea how to do that, but it sounds cool.

safaxx asked: How can i download ur patterns ?? Cuz i'm in love with it

try dragging them to your desktop! :)

should i start posting again? hmmmm..?

di-mples asked: i really love your backgrounds and i used one for my tumblr i hope that is okay!!

of course that’s okay! that’s what they’re there for! :) enjoy! xo

Anonymous asked: Can you upload something related to roses, like pale roses, cute but evil kinda themed?

i will try my best to find something for you, anon! :)

evvvu asked: Your patterns are so cool. thank you so much. I really like these :)

thank you, i’m glad you like them!